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You all must have searched for best torrent website, best torrent website working, best torrent website for 2020, best torrenting sites for 2018, best torrenting site, best torrenting sites, torrent site, torrent website, best torrent website updated, etc, The Pirate Bay, Torrentz2, torrent downloads, the pirate, YTS, Limetorrent, TorrentDownloads, etc. But if you are not much of a torrent user already but want to utilize torrent for your use, then keep reading because this article is surely for you.

Name and their description of the best torrent websites are:



Best torrent website list must contain a name of this site, YTS.AM.

So, personally, I recommend you this website for movies download. The website only provides English movies to download it, yes, of course, English or in other languages.

The download process is quite simple. Just visit the website and the homepage of the site will open. Now, preferably, search for the movie by going through the search option on the top of the page by clicking on the search icon. Beware that some ads might pop-up or redirect you to some other irrelevant irritating sites, quite annoying isn’t. Well, as you get over the ads, you might want to enter the name of the movie and the movie shall appear as the hit enter. Now, a page solely dedicated to the movie will appear nourishing you with all the details of the movie regarding its rating on different platforms like IMBb, Rotten Tomatoes, etc, along with Synopsis. On the top section of the page, below the rating sections, you will find the torrent download links in various qualities available. The qualities available are quite amusing. 720p BluRay, 1080p BlueRay, 3D, 720p Web, 1080p Web, etc depending on the availability. Now, the torrent can be downloaded in the preferable quality just by clicking on the same given links, easy peasy, isn’t. Well, that’s the reason I quite prefer this website, just for its simplicity yet effectivity.

Also, as the scroll down the webpage, you will find all the details of the video file of the movie you are about to download like the file size, resolution of the movie, the language of the audio in the movie, content rating, availability of the subtitle, frame rate, the length of the movie, etc. I find this information quite helpful as you can see by yourself what you are about to download. Obviously, we all want to watch our favorite movies in the best quality possible, right!

Also, there is a section dedicated to Movie Reviews. You will find it quite helpful when you are randomly going through movies to find a great one.  There is also a comment section at the bottom of the page, where you can see the response regarding the torrent.

You can also request for the movie torrent that you want to download but wasn’t listed in the site’s database. Quite helpful functionality.

If, like me, you find yourself bored at home and have already watched out tonnes of movies of your favorite genres and want to find more, searching by genres is something of a bliss. For this purpose, you can use the search option of the site and then select the genre you prefer to watch and hit the search icon or press enter of your keyboard. Similarly, you can also search by quality or rating.

I think that’s enough of the info you might want to know about this website.


Another one of the best torrent website that I can think of.

Unlike YTS.AM, is a torrent search engine, that means, you can not only download movies in your preferable quality but also TV Shows and Games and Music and Applications and Animes and Documentary and Others. The interface of the site is more than fine. You can directly search for the torrents by going through the eyes catching search bar present to you all the middle section of the website. Alternatively, you can also go through the site’s quite large database regarding the field you want to look at. I am a bit of Application addict myself, TBT, so just something I look through the site’s database and almost every time find myself something that I didn’t know I wanted until I saw it. So, go and do have a look and it’s quite probable that you may too find something quite helpful through these dedicated sections on the 1337X’s website.

Well, there are also links to the other torrent links of 1337X’s sites provided in the site.

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The Pirate Bay


Best of the best torrent website to download torrent.

I personally use this website almost around daily. It’s the oldest torrenting site there is. It has just completed it’s 15 year anniversary. Now, the reason I use this website is because of its super huge database. It would be a surprise to me if I don’t find what I search on this website, whether it is games, Tv shows, music, applications, and others. Well, recently over last few years, this site has been a target and because of this, many of its proxies do undergo down server more frequently than ever. You can easily purchase a VPN and use it to access the website if it is currently blocked in your country.

Back to its legacy, I recommend you to use The Pirate Bay even though it has been demoted to third position this year. Till last year, it always manages to secure the first position.



One of the best torrent website for torrent download for any kind.

Another one of the torrenting sites which are embossed in every torrent user is RARBG. It’s a great site and very useful one. You can use the site to download TV Shows, movies, games, music, software, trailers, etc. the database is huge. You can find anything like literally anything. The Pirate Bay the RARBG is all like the same.

Do give it a try to this awesome website.

Best torrent website if you want to download torrents in your phone or web.

This website has a simple interface as you can say just by its first look. Now, there are other mirrors of this website also available. All you need to do is to search by the name of the torrent in the search box.  The best thing about this you can download the same torrent from different locations. Now, about the database, it’s just as same as The Pirate Bay and the others. You can find applications, apps, movies, anti-virus, music, etc. Now, about the ads, there are minimal ads present on the website.

and others. You can find applications, apps, movies, anti-virus, music, etc. Now, about the ads, there are minimal ads present on the website.

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Best torrent website if you are looking to download torrents regarding animes.

This is an anime torrenting website you might find helpful if you like animes and can’t survive without them just like me. Do give it a try and see if your favorite animes are to be found on the website. The downloading videos are of superior quality and the torrenting files are also very healthy. All you need is to search by the torrenting name and find the healthiest torrent. Tbt, I never personally used this website



Another one of the Best torrent website we have listed in our article is LimeTorrents.

This torrent is also quite helpful and worth a look if you find other torrents not healthy enough. Now, one advantage is that of the ads because it’s quite minimal. The interface is easy to understand and use. You can search for top torrents, animes, movies, tv series, games, applications, apps and more. Do give it a try as it is worth it.



Another one of the very popular torrenting sites is ZOOQLE. The name somewhat sounds familiar, right, haha. It’s a great torrent downloading site for downloading movies, tv shows, music, games and lots more. Search for any torrent you may think of and you will be surprised in the end when you see the torrents as a result, haha. The Game Of Thrones torrents is also available.



This is another of the torrent downloading site that you may find useful. The database is quite huge and the interface is quite simple, as you can say. There are some ads and pop-ups but that ain’t gonna pose much of trouble. Search for anything at all and chances are that you will find them. Movies, web series, games and tonnes more.

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Last but not least, Torrent Downloads is another one of the great sites.
Tv series downloads are quite popular to torrent through this website. Do give it a try and you will definitely find it quite helpful.


Torrents are quite a huge market and obviously very very useful. Having torrents give you superpower to download almost anything and everything whenever you like. Entertainment is quite easy for you if you just know how to download torrents. Downloading torrents are not at all hard at all, even a beginner can get it completely.

So if you like the article don’t forget to like comment and share it with friends family coworkers and anyone whom you think might get benefited by this. Writing about tech stuffs are quite a great feeling in its own. Sharing it with you guys is really a pleasure. I hope you like the article and do tell me which one of the listed torrent downloading sites are most preferable to you. If there are other torrent downloading sites that you might find useful, don’t at all hesitate to share it with us in the comment section below.

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