How to trace Mobile number location (2020 Updated)

Hello, this is Sandeep again. Today I am going you to explain how to trace your target mobile number. So, without time wasting get started to the article. How to trace Mobile number location

A mobile number can be trace by 2 methods:

By mobile number tracker website, and Mobile number tracker apps 

By Mobile Number Tracker Website:

Currently there is lots of mobile tracker website. The working principle of these websites is very simple, and you just have to enter your target mobile number with country pin code. Below there is list of website which track mobile number.

Mobile Number Tracker

No doubt, this is one of the free and leading mobile number trackers. This website is based in India. Along with tracing the Mobile number, this website also traces landline number. This website comes with a page rank feature. 


  • It’s purely free with no hidden charges.
  • Locating results are retrieved within 10 seconds.
  • It works with every type of device (Nokia, Blackberry, Android, and iPhone devices)


  • Only traces mobile number in India

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Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number is another free and free mobile number tracker website that gives you the opportunity to track the owner of a particular number by just entering the phone number in the spaces provided and then clicking “Trace”.


  • Results obtained include the location, number owner, and the network provider
  • Easy to use interface.


  • The website can’t different between new, old, or replaced phone numbers.

Free Phone Tracer

This is another great free phone number tracker website. This website has the McAfee security.


  • Tracing methods are easy to understand and straightforward.
  • Easy to use interference

GPS Cell Phone Locator

How to trace Mobile number location

It is an online free mobile number tracking services that allow the user to find the location of mobile number in few clicks. There is no need to pay money in order to use this service. There is also no need for any extraordinary computer skill to use this application


  • You can use 24×7 from anywhere
  • It is very easy to use


  • It is not possible to track devices that are running on Firefox, Symbian, and some others.

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Online GPS Phone Tracker

It is another mobile number tracking service that is available on the web. There is a wide range of telecom operators are supported by this website.


  • This is available 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, as well as 365 days a year.
  • Free of cost.


  • It is impossible to locate the device location if your device is lost or stolen and turned off.

Mobile number tracker apps 

There are lots of mobile number tracker apps on Android and iOS store. We just have installed that and then use it to find the location of target mobile number.

For Android user:-

How to trace Mobile number location

Mobile Number Locator:

It is an Android-oriented free mobile number tracker app that gives you unmatched flexibility when it comes to tracking down a particular number. This app comes with a fully functional 3D Google map. You can use each and every globally used code in this app. 

Mobile Number Tracker

This is another free mobile number tracker app that gives you the opportunity to track the location of any number. You can tack target mobile number in just 2 steps. This app supports GSM, State, and CDMA mobile providers. 

Caller ID & Number Locator

Unlike other apps, this app brings together the combination of a caller identifier and a number locator. It has a database where more than 12,000 cities are evenly stored for simplified tracking. It also comes with an optional call blocker feature.

Truecaller Phone Tracer

 It is no doubt that Truecaller Phone Tracer is the world leading call and number locator app globally. The block feature of this app allows you to block any unwanted numbers. You can also view the name and the photo of your caller. 

Trace Mobile Number

This mobile number tracking application is designed for Android devices. You can try this application if you want to locate the live location of your target device. Every Android device running on Android version 4.0 or higher than that can use this application services.

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For iOS User:

How to trace Mobile number location

Number Locator

It is an iPhone-based app developed by Elegant Recursion Inc. This apps efficiently works online and offline. It has an attractable and beautiful animated graphics. There is a full data of area codes. It also has an auto-updating tab

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

This app offers you unmatched tracking options to make sure that you are in a position to know the owner of a particular number. It has the number database that covers over 200 different countries globally. It also has a notification centre that informs you once the searched number has been located.

Truecaller Phone Number Tracker

This is one of the best numbers tracking app for iOS user. It has an auto spam update list that automatically updates itself. It also supports 3D Touch actions. This app also comes with a fixed clipboard for a simplified bug search.

Mobile Number Tracker Location

This is a phone number tracking service that is only available for iOS devices. You can very easily download it from the Apple App Store. This app is dedicated to catching the live location using the mobile number. This app is great for you when you are living in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, or any other region. You can easily get the real-time location of a target device without them knowing. Tracking accuracy of this app is very good.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro – SIM

This is the another mobile number tracking application that is designed by Aditya Neelkanth. This app allows the user to track the location of their friends, family, spouse, kids, or any other location in just few simple steps. Like Mobile Number Tracker Location, it is also available in various part of the world from the Asian countries to the United States. This app is available at Apple App Store at free of cost. You a have to open it and click on “install” button to get Mobile Number Tracker Pro – SIM app.

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Tracking Mobile number is really important so that you can get noticed that where your loved are. By the help of website or App you easily trace your target mobile number in just few steps. 

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